Digital Textbooks

Many schools lack sufficient textbooks for students. Independence Hall Association provides digital textbooks, along with teaching strategies written by a former Pennsylvania history teacher of the year, as well as renowned historians. These resources can support learning in the Catto portal. As an example, we’ve also provided a cross-walk below of sections of the Philadelphia School District’s curriculum for areas in the curriculum both the Catto story can be taught and the textbooks can be used. Additionally, below are cross-walk of sections within the digital textbooks for expanding out that content to incorporate materials in the OV Catto Education Portal, including an expansive timeline that looks at American History back over 240 years. We hope these offer a useful guide to how the portal and our digital textbooks can be adjusted for other classroom and school settings.

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Digital Textbook Resources*:

Cross-walk of the Philadelphia 8th, 10th and 11 Grades Social Studies and History Courses to Catto

Cross-walk of History Digital Textbook Content to Catto Story

*For Philadelphia School Use